How Chinese translation helped with the sale of an enormous amber collection

In August 2020, the Danish auction house was faced with an extensive task., the largest auction house in Northern Europe, was responsible for handling the sale of more than 288,000 objects from the bankruptcy estate House Of Amber. This collection, amongst other things, included the world’s biggest piece of amber weighing 47.5 kg. Read about how Diction helped Lauritz sell the collection here.

One happy Amber

The Chinese market for buying amber has been growing with a particular focus on Scandinavia. That is why approached Diction for translation of marketing texts and press releases of the amber auctions from Danish to English and Chinese. The material was translated, and the sale of the collection which had an estimated value at around DKK 160 million commenced. We have previously performed other, more extensive jobs for Lauritz, but we have a special appreciation for this job as it displays several aspects of Diction as a company.

At Diction, we attempt to understand the purpose with, and the story behind, the translation we are working on. This improves the quality of the translation as the phrasing and tone of the text will be targeted at the potential reader of the text. An example is how a professional Chinese translation helped in targeting a specific market. A great translation can provide the possibility of both increased sales and brand value for companies in new markets.

Translation opens doors and new markets

Diction works with translators in hundreds of different language combinations, and that is why there is (almost) no limit as to which language we can translate into. The same flexibility is apparent in the format of the material we translate. We operate with total flexibility in format – we have translated everything from posters to juridical texts as well as to almost all industries.

Diction’s CEO, Martin Boberg, adds: “As the translation for shows, we at Diction are very committed to preserving the history behind the material we are translating, and we are always ready to help companies in industries where this is necessary. We have extensive experience in translating for companies in the art and auction industries like”

If you want to know more about our prices and how we can help you with translation, you can contact us here or receive an offer on a translation.

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„Wir vertrauen auf Diction, wenn wir u.a. Produktbeschreibungen in die verschiedenen skandinavischen Sprachen übersetzen müssen. Die Lieferzeiten sind kurz, wir sind jedes Mal von den Übersetzungen überzeugt und der Prozess ist unglaublich reibungslos. Dazu kommt, dass sie dies alles zu dem besten Preis anbieten, den wir finden konnten.“
Christian Birksø
Christian Birksø
„Wir haben Diction schon häufig damit beauftragt, technische Texte für uns zu übersetzen, die besondere Kenntnisse der bautechnischen Terminologie voraussetzen. Die Übersetzungen, die wir erhalten haben, zeichneten sich jedes Mal durch ihre richtige Wiedergabe und ihre hohe Qualität aus. Uns dies immer zu einem fairen Preis.“
Alexander Wulff
Alexander Wulff

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